Define Your Risk

Investing should be about achieving goals, not beating the markets.

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We focus on helping investors meet long-term goals.

• We refuse to accept the notion that large losses and multi-year recoveries are necessary consequences of long-term investing.
• Diversification alone is not enough. 2008 proved it.
• Investors need, and deserve, a better way to solve the investment challenges of today and tomorrow.

For investors, the biggest risk is losing big and not having the money they need when they need it.

We seek to define risk, or limit the risk of loss, so investors may be better positioned to achieve long-term goals.

Our goals-based approach uses a distinct hedging strategy designed to limit losses in a defined range on an annual basis.

Redefine Your Risk

The industry measures risk as volatility, or price swings up and down.

The industry’s conventional view is that investors are risk-averse, yet research into investor behavior shows investors are actually loss averse.

So our approach to risk management is aligned with what concerns investors the most: losing big.

We believe a hedged equity strategy that seeks to “define,” or limit risk on an annual basis to avoid large losses is the right way to help long-term investors remain on track toward their goals.

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