401k Exposed (Videos)

60 Minutes 401k Failure

After the bubble burst of 2008, trillions of dollars evaporated for millions of US investors. For those Americans near or in retirement, the consequences can be dire. Aside from being subject to the volatility of the stock market, the institutions have not disclosed fees in a proper manner and in fact have done the utmost to obfuscate and hide fees.

Morning Joe Exposing 401ks

Time Magazine shares that the 401k was not created to be the primary retirement vehicle for Americans but over the past 20 years has become so. The closer pre-retirees get to retirement, the more money they may likely have in their 401k thus increasing the amount of money that can be lost from stock market volatility.

Government Pushing to “Lock-Up” 401(k) Savings

The Government is looking to “Lock-Up” private retirement accounts “in the public’s best interest” Wayne Rogers, Jonathan Hoenig and Tracy Burns discuss this with a money manager and a democratic strategist. Government control over freedom of choice, risk and the nanny state are discussed. Topics revolve around the public borrowing from their 401(k)s and further restrictions on availability of qualified money.

Jim Rogers and Ron Paul on Nationalization of 401(k)s

Jim Rogers and Ron Paul discuss the possibility of Nationalization of iras and 401(k)s by the government during the next financial crisis in order to “save” the public. The government would “save” workers iras and 401(k)s by a takeover of the plans and then forcing the purchase of treasuries through government CDs. Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer and Frank are on record as being for the Nationalization of qualified plans.

David Walker Comptroller General US on 60 Minutes

David Walker thinks that the biggest peril facing the US is being ignored. David Walker was the nation’s top accountant being the Comptroller of the United States. In totaling our income, liabilities and future obligations he has concluded that the standard of living in the US is unsustainable unless drastic action is taken.

David Walker Understanding US Debt Problem

David Walker shares facts about where we have been, where we are and where the US is heading both financially and fiscally. He states that current spending as a percentage of GDP is not a recipe for prosperity but instead is a recipe for disaster. Understanding spending and debt is essential and Mr. Walker will show a historical comparison of the US to many other world economies in regards to debt, spending and taxes.

Jim Cramer on Stock Manipulation

Watch an interview of Jim Creamer where he discusses the manner in which hedge funds manipulate individual stocks and the markets by utilizing tools beyond the reach of the individual investor. He shares tricks that hedge funds use to boost returns if they were off for a certain period in comparison to markets or comparable hedge funds.

Jim Cramer Admits Stock Market Is A Total Casino

After a tumultuous week in the markets, Jim Cramer shares that the stock market is a total casino while speaking with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show.  He shares that trading is done by machines and that there is no human touch.  He says that “it is the Terminator and there is no John Conor… no one in control whatsoever, it’s a little frightening for the individual investor.”

Wolf of Wall Street

This scene is not an attempt at humor on our part but shows a mentality that is not a far stretch from the way Wall Street thinks and is motivated.

South Park And It’s Gone

Although we are not South Park fans, this would be considered an attempt at humor if it was not so true. This scene shows the inherent callousness of institutions and how quickly and easily money can be lost on Wall Street and in the markets. We do hope you get a laugh.

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