The Lifestyle & Legacy Protection Process

In any sport or endeavor playing simply to participate is self-defeating and is a recipe for mediocrity. The purpose of strategy is to win. What does winning look like to you, your family and your business? What do you want to accomplish? Who do you want to help in your family and your community? The foundation of strategy is defining what you want including your aspirations and goals. We utilize the Lifestyle & Legacy Protection Process and we begin with your aspirations.

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The first step in The Lifestyle & Legacy Protection Process is to define your winning aspiration. This means defining your purpose and is the foundation of your strategy and sets the context for all the strategic choices that follow.

Defining Goals is deciding what you want to accomplish. Understanding this choice is crucial so the correct strategic choices are made.  This is also about choosing what not to do.

How You Win determines what attributes your strategic choices must have.  How do you eliminate the Modern Day Strategic Dilemmas that steal from your wealth.  The best strategies can achieve many of the goals mutually.

What capabilities are required to support the Goals and How You Win choices? It is a determination that is feasible, distinctive and defensible to enable you to win.

Even if you have a winning aspiration, determine your goals, define the capabilities required to win, strategy can still fail-spectacularly.  Without supporting structure, systems and measures, strategy remains simply a wish list.

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